Sunday, April 20, 2008

Did you know??

That Rub-ons are not only for cardstock?? They also work really well on glass, plastic, wood, photo frames, candles and most nonporous surfaces.

I had an extra jar lying around from IKEA so decided to jazz it up a bit using our gorgeous new rub-ons from the "Anchored" set. These come with both a white and black sheet and will give any project that extra flair!

And of course filling the jar with lollies was worth it too!! ( That should read to my hubby... "But honey, we need these lollies for my display ideas!!!)

I also added some of our new Double stitched ribbons in Purely Pomegranate and Groovy Guava Just because I love them! What do you think? Great gift idea?


Anonymous said...

It IS a great gift idea (hint hint!)

I have been dying to try the rub ons on glass, I have so many little jars here, but I haven't got that far as yet.

Very cute!

lie Hopkins said...

What a fabulous idea! I have never considered using rub-ons that way. Thanks for the inspiration.